Full canon card game.

Nasuverse Card Game

This is the Nasuverse card game, based on the Type-Moon universe, featuring Tsukihime, Kara no Kyoukai, Mahoyo, and Fate!
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Use your favorite nasuverse characters to win.

Collect cards, build decks, and compete for ranks. Uses the Hearthstone ruleset. A tested game and balance, but new!
Experience Nasuverse
Strictly follows canon typemoon with no spin-offs or fan material.
Creative Strategy
Master over 1000 cards, make your own decks. Innovate strategy.
Competition Tuned
Balanced for competitive play. Rank up and join tournaments.

Not Pay to Win

<p>Although inspired by Hearthstone, nasuverse has a totally different rarity philosophy. No pay to win. We carefully constructed plan our rarity to make the most useful and powerful cards the most common. We create rare and mythic rare cards for collectors and for fans. Basic decks are constantly updated to be top tier.</p>