Welcome To Mophapeed A Bug Based TCG - Made By Outrunfungus43

Morphapeed 1.5.1

Fight A Army Of Bugs By Taking Over Alphas Using Your Army Of Bugs In Morphapeed
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Use Innocent Bugs To Kill Innocent Bugs

Collect Bugs, Mostly Probably Somewhat Balanced
Funny Bug
More Bugs
Another Funny Looking Bug
Even More Bugs
This Is Way Too Funny For The Funny Bug Chart
Whats That? A Anomalocaris?
Sombody Help Him He Is Burning Alive!??!!!!
Whats That? A Parsnib Grub

Morphapeed Is A Bug Based TCG

<p>Morphapeed Has Over 500+ Unique Cards, Almost All Come With There Own Taxonomy Description Giving You Insight Onto The World Of Morphine Powder</p>